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Meet the team

Eddie Graham
Eddie Graham

Executive Producer/ Head Pilot

Justin Schwebel

Production Coordinator 

Brandon Hower
Brandon Hower

Camera Operator/DP

Eddie Deschapelles

Business Management

Nik LaBorne

Camera Operator/DP

Photo Jun 21 2023, 10 35 25 AM.png
Ryan Keller


Jackson Goldblatt

FPV Pilot/Drone Tech

Kyle Gillick 


Airborne Studios team


Inspire 2 catch
Inspire 3 over airport runway

Airborne Studios quickly gained recognition when their first project involved capturing the iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd in action, demonstrating their exceptional aerial filming capabilities. Brandon's distinguished background in the military and law enforcement, along with his prior experience in aviation, ensured flawless execution even in high-pressure situations.

Complementing Brandon's skill set, Eddie's extensive video production background enhanced the team's ability to create captivating visual narratives. Their seamless collaboration propelled Airborne Studios to secure contracts, including the Amazon Prime show "View and Chew" series in 2019, which allowed them to travel across the United States, capturing breathtaking aerial footage of scenic landscapes.

As Airborne Studios expanded its reach and reputation, the team's dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of aerial cinematography remained unwavering. Through continuous research and development, they stayed at the forefront of technological advancements in drone technology, ensuring they could consistently deliver groundbreaking footage. Their commitment to staying ahead of the curve attracted industry recognition, leading to collaborations with renowned filmmakers and production houses, further solidifying Airborne Studios' position as a leading force in the field. With their passion driving them forward, Airborne Studios continues to inspire awe and capture the world from breathtaking perspectives, inviting audiences to see familiar landscapes and subjects in entirely new ways.

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