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TV - View & Chew

A fun food and travel series. We planned and filmed all of the aerial footage seen in the show. Working closely with the producers, we worked to fit their exact needs.

Click HERE to view on Amazon Prime Video

Commercial - Performance Flight

Creative edit from a Performance Flight commercial footage. We obtained all the waivers need to legally fly on a 7000' runway in Class D airspace. 

Drone Props - Bahlsen Cookies

Drones don’t only have to be used for filming. For this commercial, the client requested 5 drones from us to be used as props for this “drone delivery” commercial as well as using the Inspire 2 to film all the action. Our team was able to supply them with a full turn-key solution to plan out and perfectly executed what they needed for a full flawless day of shooting. Everything we provided was “in-house” to support this marketing agency. 

Promotional - Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert

​Promotional video made for a Lynyrd Skynyrd. Planning with local law enforcement and authorities was critical to get approval for this project. 

Commercial - MTA, LIRR & Eldor Construction 

​Corporate promotional video made for Eldor Construction Corp. We operated within .1 miles of a active airport, obtaining all waivers necessary to perform legally and safely. All editing/filming done by Airborne Studios.

Commercial - MV Shanutski Yacht Charters 

​Social media promotional video. We planned, filmed, and edited the entirety of the video. Planning was critical, as operations on the water pose many challenges.

Creative Project - Mojave Desert  

Brief creative project displaying the hills of the vast Mojave Desert. All editing and filming was done in house Airborne Studios. 

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