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LA "Mountain Top" Shoot Selects - Airborne Studios
LA "Mountain Top" Shoot Selects - Airborne Studios
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East Hampton Golf Club - Airborne Studios - Sample Footage
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Explora 1 - NYC
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Domino Drone Footage | Airborne Studios
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TV - View & Chew

A fun food and travel series. We planned and filmed all of the aerial footage seen in the show. Working closely with the producers, we worked to fit their exact needs.

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New York Stock Exchange - Live Drone Broadcast

Airborne Studios is the first and only company to ever fly drones on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Providing live coverage to millions of viewers around the world on networks such as CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and many more during the opening bell and special events.


Mountain Top - Car Chase

Chasing cars through the foothills of LA takes some serious coordination between the stunt driver, drone pilot, camera operator, and director. There were plenty of challenges on this set but our team was able to kill it, and do it safely! 

East Hampton Golf Course - Commercial

Through the artistry of drone cinematography and the exceptional capabilities of the DJI Inspire 3, we were able to provide our client with not only the absolutely gorgeous drone footage they needed but also a truly immersive visual experience that truly showcased the location's beauty.

Commercial - Performance Flight

Creative edit from a Performance Flight commercial footage. We obtained all the waivers need to legally fly on a 7000' runway in Class D airspace. 

Drone Props - Bahlsen Cookies

Drones don’t only have to be used for filming. For this commercial, the client requested 5 drones from us to be used as props for this “drone delivery” commercial as well as using the Inspire 2 to film all the action. Our team was able to supply them with a full turn-key solution to plan out and perfectly executed what they needed for a full flawless day of shooting. Everything we provided was “in-house” to support this marketing agency. 

RPM Raceway | Indoor FPV

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