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Our Fleet

Telling your story from the air.
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Cinelifter drone

DJI Inspire 3

Our top pick for commercial and theatrical productions, features a Dual Op setup and an 8.1k full-frame sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range, delivering unmatched reliability and stunning image quality.


Indoor/FPV Micro Drone

FPV CineLifter

Our compact drones are ideal for indoor shots and capturing up-close sports sequences, as they can easily maneuver in tight spaces. By flying the GoPro Hero 10, the footage can be stabilized in post-production, resulting in remarkably smooth and professional-looking footage.

Our Cinelifter drones, built to carry the Red Komodo or Sony FX6, excel in capturing dynamic outdoor close-ups and energizing establishing shots. These aerial powerhouses bring an unmatched visual perspective to your story, introducing breathtaking angles and adding an extraordinary dimension to your footage.



Indoor Micro Drone REel

Airborne Studios team planning a shot

The eye for the shot.

Behind the scenes

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$10M Liability Insurance
Pre Planning Saftey
Pre-Planning Safety
FAA Waivers
FAA Waivers 

We prioritize the safety and security of your projects. With a comprehensive $10 million liability insurance policy and the flexibility to add any type of additional insured coverage, we ensure that your production needs are met with peace of mind and the utmost professionalism.

To ensure a safe and timely execution of each project, we go the extra mile by conducting scout days at the location. This meticulous pre-planning process allows us to assess the site, plan effectively, and bring adequate equipment to the job, guaranteeing a successful outcome that aligns with your schedule.

We obtain both local and FAA approvals for each job we undertake. Our team is fully certified under Part 107 for commercial drone operations. We ahold a night-time exemption waiver from the FAA, allowing us to capture aerial footage even at night. These preplanning measures ensure your productions run smoothly. 


Broadcast room

Here at Airborne Studios we are fully equipped to handle any type of broadcasting event. With our cutting-edge transmission systems, we have the capability to live stream broadcast to any desired broadcast room or control room in any requested format or codec. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures seamless, wireless transmission with no latency. We have successfully provided this service for clients such as CNBC and multiple large-scale concerts, showcasing our expertise in delivering high-quality live streaming experiences.

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