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Drone Filming Services at their Best: From Moab, Utah to Massachusetts to Miami, Florida

For years Airborne Studios has provided premiere Drone Cinematography Services to clients across the globe. While we are New York City-based drone operators, we have the pilots and resources to provide drone production services anywhere a production needs them. This week, over just 36 hours,


DAY 1 -- Moab, Utah

Airborne Studios’ expert FPV pilots carefully traversed the mountainous terrain of Moab, Utah for an Outdoor Apparel client. This filming location provided a breathtaking backdrop, but its difficult terrain and cold temperatures required a high level of expertise and planning -- something at Air.

DAY 2 -- Western Massachusetts/Cape Cod/Boston

One of the nation's leading commercial production companies tapped Airborne Studios to fly in a national ad campaign for one of their clients. Flying under the direction of a 2-time Academy Award-nominated Director of Photography. Our day started in Western Massachusetts where our pilots had to execute complex camera movements chasing a tractor-trailer in various difficult terrains. Then the Airborne Studios team traced across the great state of Massachusetts to fly to Cape Cod. When captured by our Inspire 3 in 8k Cinema DNG RAW, the gorgeous backdrops of the classic oceanside Massachusetts towns came to life in a way simply not possible with a drone.


Only 8 hours after wrapping in Massachusetts the Airborne Studios team was on the ground in Miami, Florida with an Inspire 3 Drone to film the maiden departure of the gorgeous Explora 1 from the legendary port of Miami. Via a chase boat, arranged by our full-service production team, our Inspire 3 captured this amazing vessel with all the surroundings of South Beach and Downtown Miami as a backdrop.

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